Welcome to Covenant Plastics

Covenant Plastics is a plastic sales and plastics recycling company located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. We understand the complexities of the plastic recycling business sector.

Covenant Plastics is a privately held company that has been at the forefront of recycling plastics for over 17 years. We’ve built up substantial expertise to help businesses around the world reduce their waste, save costs and become more environmentally responsible.

Covenant Plastics employs the very latest in recycling technology, equipment and processes to ensure our products continue to deliver exceptional quality and value for money, as well as being of genuine, tangible benefit to the environment.

Our Services

Covenant Plastics designs process solutions for post-industrial scrap plastic collection, transportation, reprocessing and re-introduction into the raw-material feedstream. Our goal is long-term repeatable placement of your plastic scrap.

About Us

For the past 17 years Covenant Plastics has been serving the plastics industry and its customers with superior plastic resins at the most affordable prices. We recycle, reprocess, compound, distribute, broker, manufacture and export.

At Covenant Plastics, we breathe new life into plastics. Recycling plastic makes sense ecologically and economically - for our customers, ourselves and our community. It reduces waste and saves costs.

Our commitment to excellence extends to making our workplace a safe and healthy environment for employees, visitors and customers.

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