The Company

Covenant Plastics, Inc. was established in 1995, specializing in purchasing and supplying waste plastics for recycling. Covenant operates in a global market with our well-established network of affiliates worldwide. A concern for the environment is at the heart our business philosophy. We are committed to investing in technology and equipment for improving the efficiency and new applications of plastic recycling. We are proud to be part of the recycling industry and we firmly believe that a clean environment is everybody's business.

About the company

Our activities include waste collection, processing and recycling of post industrial and post consumer plastic scrap. We recycle all grades of plastic. We purchase any form of raw plastic scrap, regrind and virgin resin. We are committed in providing our customers with a stable and constant supply of secondary plastic material to meet their production needs.

The mission

about the mission

At Covenant Plastics we've always looked at things differently. Where most see waste, we see opportunity. This innovative nature is stronger today than ever before. Not happy to rest on our achievements, we now strive to create a world where waste is a thing of the past and everything is recyclable.


We're always working to improve our business - either by building on our current strengths or investing in new activities. Our vision emphasizes:

• Working with customers to increase their profit through smart solutions
• Continuing to build our world-class team of people
• Building on our strengths to lay the foundation for future growth
• Accelerating our innovation and technology initiatives
• Enhancing our leadership position in environmental and sustainability initiatives
• Upgrading our systems, processes and procedures, with an emphasis on governance

Our vision is to be leading supplier to the recycled plastic market. We are dedicated to providing industrialists increasing profits while helping the environment by providing a continuous outlet for plastic waste.

Our services

We buy, sell and recycle plastics

  • Trade
  • Recycling
  • Logistic

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