Trading and Distribution

Covenant Plastics, Inc. has a full service trading division that handles all types of plastics. We purchase and sell polymers and base resins in all forms including:

  • Aged/obsolete virgin pellets
  • Off grade chips
  • Dirty floor sweepings
  • Reactor lumps/chunks/patties
  • Regrind from parts and sheets
  • Mixed pellets
  • Rejected Injection Molded Parts

About the company

Covenant Plastics provides plastic raw materials for film extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding, pipe-foam extrusion and sheet extrusion. We offer a great range and variety of plastic materials including virgin, "near prime", compounds, regrinds, and specialty materials such as filled resins. Covenant Plastics offers a valuable supply alternative for many thermoplastic raw materials:

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We buy, sell and recycle plastics

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